Original Art: Motherhood In The Raw

Original Art: Motherhood In The Raw

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This masterpiece is an original work by Project Human X co-founder Cree Sahidah. 

Read below to learn more about Motherhood in the Raw

"I created this painting around 3:00am while everyone was sound asleep. I've had the idea for this painting in my mind for awhile now & I couldn't stand to keep it lingering in my head any longer. It was a long, rather tough day that day. I had to release the tension I felt.

I am a new mother going through as many changes as my newborn babygirl, Masterpeace. Together we are confused, we cry, we sing, we shout-trying to figure out why we exist at all. Though it may be confusing, we are happy we exist together I hope others can resonate with this piece, when you felt beautiful, confused & alive all at the same time. Those are the times I feel most human". 

  • Original Painting by Cree Sahidah. 
  • 11 x 14" on stretched canvas