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Southern Illinois Craft Markets: Spring / Summer 2022

Hello independent artists! It’s time to get your inventory ready for all the craft markets coming up this  Spring / Summer in Southern Illinois! Here’s a rundown of 5 local craft markets you'll want to start planning for. Make sure to mark your calendar book for the application deadline and budget in a vendor fee to your monthly spending plan in case the fair has a fee. Project Human X wants to see artists thrive and make a living off of creativity! Craft markets are a great way to put your name out there and meet people face to face. If you're in the Carbondale/Makanda area, utilize the Buy Nothing Group on Facebook to get help with materials, tents, tables,...

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Featured Artist: Trish Ollie

Interviewer: Sam Stearns Interviewee: Trish Ollie We are excited to introduce everyone to our featured artist for August, Trish Ollie. After getting to know Trish I have learned she is an amazing and resilient woman who puts her story into every work of art.The opening reception for her solo art show is this Saturday, August 14th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Come meet Trisha and see what her art is all about! Click here to RSVP for her Opening Reception  Trish is a Southern-IIllinois native, who grew up in Murphysboro. Trish considers herself to be self-taught and began her career as an artist when she was six years old. When she was a little girl she used to paint all over...

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5 Instagram Tips for Artists

5 Instagram Tips for Artists Ok everyone, get your favorite pen & spiral notebook ready. This week's blog post is a meaty one a lot of you have been asking for. Are you ready to learn how to boost your Instagram growth? Read on to learn more! If your IG strategy is to "post and leave" you're in for a wake-up call: Instagram takes work. Building your Instagram followers organically requires strategy and effort to hit your goals--especially if you want to make sales and not just followers.  The Simple Stuff: Username: Use your art business name. Your art IG should be treated as a business. It only makes sense that your username is the same title as your art business...

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