Our Mission

At Project Human X, our mission is to nurture the creative development of human beings by providing recreational art spaces and experiences for them to learn, create, collaborate, build community, and celebrate the diverse cultures and creativity of humanity.

We are also focused on making art more accessible to all Humans and empowering artists. We have found one quality that all human beings share regardless of skin color, religion, nationality, etc.. and that is creativity. We are uniting human beings through collaborative art and helping them tap into their unique creative potential. We truly believe that collaboration between the different cultures of human beings on Earth is the answer to problems such as ending racism, minimizing violence, and having world peace!

We are told by many human beings that we have served that they feel better about the future of humanity because of their experience with Project Human X. We want to share the Project Human X experience with as many human beings as possible. We are passionate, dedicated, and ready to serve humanity.

What Services Does Project Human X Offer?

We Offer:

Community Art Events
Art Lessons
Collaborative Art Shows
Art Showings For Local Artists
Studio Space For Local Artists
Creative Events For Families
School Field Trips
Team Building Exercises
Event Space Rentals

And much more!

What Has Project Human X Accomplished?

Please read our article featured in The Southern here.


  • Collaboration with A Gift of Love Charity Inc. for the Art Racial Reconciliation Project
  • Mural painting with over 80 individuals from the Carbondale community on "the Island" building (715 S University Avenue, Carbondale IL)
  • Community Art Show at Long Branch Cafe 
  • Community Art Show at Thai Taste Restaurant 
  • Community Murals on Local Businesses Windows to Celebrate Local Graduates During Covid-19
  • News Article in the Daily Egyptian 
  • News Article in the Southern Illinoisan 
  • Art Shows & Art Experiences Hosted in Chicago, Illinois 
  •  Radio show at WDBX on community art 
  • Free Art Summer Camp with Attucks Community Park Services For Local Youth Called “The Human And Nature Camp”
  • Speech on Community Art at Southern Illinois University Carbondale 
  • Assisted Local Artists in Selling Their Art Work
  • Free Art Giveaways To The Southern Illinois Community 
  • We hosted a fundraiser for the Dentmon center in Carbondale, Illinois to provide tools and resources for children with Autism and special needs
  • Free Events Such as Art Shows, Movie Nights, and Paint Nights For the Southern Illinois Community

What Is Project Human X’s Vision For The Future?

  • We dream of building sustainable Project Human X Art Centers all around earth.
  • Maximizing collaboration between the different cultures of human beings on earth through collaborative art.
  • Creating a platform for artists to showcase their art to larger audiences.
  • Educating the youth on environmental education through art.
  • Returning to Madagascar to initiate collaborative community murals, reforestation projects & environmental education through art.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by integrating solar electricity solutions.
  • Upgrading all of our facilities to accommodate human beings with disabilities.
  • Providing community service that will benefit the unique communities we are a part of.
  • Providing free art lessons & resources to low income communities.