The Splatter Room Experience

$36 Per Guest

What's Included?
  • 2 hour event
  • Talented Art Instructors available
  • 8x10 inch Premium Canvas (Upgrades available)
  • 1 Poster Canvas
  • 3 Cups of paint
  • 1 Bottle of paint
  • 1 Splatter bomb
  • 1 X Paint Blaster
  • 1 Splatter Stick
  • 1 Pair of goggles
  • 1 Pair of shoe protectors
  • 1 Protective piece of plastic to go home


Original Splatter Party:
$36 / Guest
All materials listed above included
Splatter + Step by Step Painting
$45 / Guest
All materials listed above included
Bonus: Step by step painting of your choice from our painting library (click here to view)
Date Night / Groups of 4 or less
All materials listed above included
$150 to book
What is a Splatter Room? Fun art! You fling paint on a blank canvas (or each other) and make your own masterpiece!
Is there a minimum to book? Yes, if you have small group, the minimum amount to book is $150. This goes for date nights, trios and groups of 4.
What should I wear? Bring in your old jeans, t-shirts and tops! You can also purchase a white tee or paint suit from us.
Can I leave my canvas until it dries? Yes. You can pick up your artwork the next day. You must pick up your artwork within 7 days. If it needs to be shipped to you email us at (an extra fee for shipping will be applied).
Will I be able to shower/clean up after? While we have a sink to clean up your hands and face, keep in mind that you will be leaving the spatter room covered in paint.
What is the capacity? 20 Humans
I want to create a step by step painting AND splatter paint? Can this happen? Yes, step by step paint parties combined with splatter painting is $45 per guest & 3 hours total
Do I have to fill out a waiver? Yes, everyone using the Paint Splatter Room must fill out a waiver. If under the age of 18 a parent/guardian must fill it out for you.
Will the paint wash out of my hair/skin? Yes, we use washable paint for these events. All glow paint colors will wash off of your hair and skin. We cannot guarantee it will come out of your clothes 100%.
Is the paint safe? The paint we use is very safe and passes ASTMD-4236 Certification.
What is your refund policy? Please see our refund policy here

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