How Did Project Human X Begin?

Our journey as a modern art center began as 3 friends hosting art parties in a small studio apartment in January of 2019. We felt the need to create a judgment free space where human beings could express themselves freely and connect with other human beings from different cultures. We supplied our guests with paint, brushes, & canvases, and we allowed our home to be a safe haven for freedom of expression. During these events we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback. We heard things such as:

“I love how accepting and non-judgmental everyone is here”
“After painting I felt a lot more peace”
“Painting and collaborating with others was way more fun than I expected”
“Carbondale needs this kind of experience, the world needs this kind of experience”

After realizing how much the humans in our community valued the Project Human X experience it led us to believe that we should expand and find a facility to host larger events. In August of 2019 we found a space that we believed would be the perfect location for the first Project Human X. The space needed a massive amount of renovation before we could open it up to the community. We invested all of our hard earned money into making the space suitable & beautiful for community events. After months of hard work and learned lessons we opened our doors to the Carbondale community on November 15th, 2019.

Who Are The Owners And Facilitators Of Project Human X?

Joshua Bowens (left), Cree Sahidah Glanz (middle) Marquez Scoggin (right)

Cree Sahidah Glanz - is a wife, entrepreneur, artist and mother to be. She went to Southern Illinois University- Carbondale to study biological anthropology (the study of humans) and environmental science. Glanz has had experiences across the globe from interning at a chimpanzee sanctuary in Quebec, Canada to studying environmental education in Madagascar. Her work in Madagascar revolved around facilitating environmental education through art in remote villages. She found that the children appreciated replanting the shrinking rainforests & told stories of their surrounding environment through art. She dreams of initiating more environmental education experiences around the world, beginning in the Carbondale community. Glanz is married to Marquez Scoggin and 8 months pregnant with their first child. Glanz loves to teach art classes to the community.

Marquez Scoggin - is a husband, entrepreneur, artist, and father to be. Marquez went to Southern Illinois University Carbondale to study business management with a specification in entrepreneurship. Marquez started his first business while in college with Joshua Bowens. The business was a clothing company called Project One Race and its mission was to unite Human Beings to end racism. One of Marquez’s biggest inspirations is his loving Mother Renita Woods. His mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while he was at SIUC, and he decided to leave school to take care of her. While on the journey of finding a cure for cancer with his mother he found a passion for creating art. Marquez loved the look of joy on his mother's face after showing her one of his new creations. Marquez lost his mother 9 months ago. Since Marquez’s mother passed away he has been on a mission to make Earth a beautiful place for all of humanity.

Joshua Bowens - is a father, entrepreneur, artist, author, poet, creator, & magnificent motivation speaker. In May of 2019, Joshua obtained his bachelor’s degree in Political Science & Psychology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. While obtaining his degree, Joshua started his first business with Marquez Scoggin. Setting out on a M.E.G.A. mission at 19 years old, they began changing the world; one step at a time. Upon their adventures, the introduction of Cree Sahidah, into the lives of Marquez Scoggin and Joshua Bowens, has allowed them to paint their dreams much clearer. As they began building Project Human X, they vowed to do it with tons of Love, Peace, and Joy.