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We truly believe that art is healing and it brings communities together and that’s why we need your support to help us keep our community art center open!


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Hey friends & family! It's Cree & Marquez from PHX writing to you today.

With humble hearts we are coming to you to ask for support. We are facing several challenges that we will share as you continue reading.

If you know us, you know that we are a young “mom & pop shop”. As we raise our 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son we also put our heart & soul into the community art center we founded together. “Project Human X” is a family owned art center that we started in November 2019.

We’ve adapted to increasing expenses and have reached the point where we need community support to keep the art center open here for  to keep our community art center open.

Everyday we wake up ready to serve the community fulfilling art experiences. Marquez & I work to create a welcoming place where people can appreciate art from local artists, learn how to make art, and experience the healing power of art.

As we approach our 4th year in business, we have a stronger sense of confidence & resilience because of the many obstacles we have already overcome to keep our art center open. With faith and determination we survived the pandemic and the long list of challenges that come with being a new business.

We have to thank the Southern Illinois community for their support of our art center over the past 3 and a half years. We wouldn’t have survived this long without the continued love and appreciation from you all!


We started this fundraiser because we are facing rising costs & expenses that are making it challenging to keep our community art center running & open:

1. The monthly rent for our 2 art spaces was raised 6 months ago

(We love the new owner of the building we operate in, she’s a kind hearted Human, who supports our art center and she’s making many great investments that are improving the quality of the whole building)

2. Our light bill prices have raised due to new rates.

3. We are experiencing rising costs of expenses for art supplies and other essential goods due to inflation.

4. We are still recovering from the financial impact & loses that the pandemic left on our small business.


Donating to our fundraiser will help us overcome these challenges to keep our art center open for many months and years to come.


We want to continue using art to bring our community together.

We’ve got a Fundraising idea that’s fun for everyone: The PHX Renaissance!


The PHX Renaissance is a fundraising idea we came up with to inspire more Humans in the Southern Illinois area to create with us at PHX.

A renaissance is defined as: a time period or movement of high artistic activity and cultural development.

To truly make it a “renaissance” our goal is to make art with 1,000 Humans before November 15 (our 4 year anniversary) and we believe we can achieve this goal with your help!

Each time you create with us it counts towards the making art with a 1,000 Humans goal. The more people we create with each month the easier it is for us to stay open.

For the PHX Renaissance we have planned a diverse selection of art workshops, art shows, and art experiences throughout the next 2 months for the community to join and enjoy.


How you can support the PHX Community Art Center:

  1. Sign up for an art workshop or event on our website:
  2. Share PHX’s posts on social media @projecthumanx
  3. Subscribe to our email list:
  4. Purchase art from the PHX Gallery:
  5. Purchase a PHX Membership
  6. Leave a Facebook or Google Review
  7. Book a Private paint party (Call/Text 314 - 252 - 0631 to Book)


Other options to donate:

  • Cashapp: $projecthumanx
  • PayPal: collaborate@projecthumanx
  • Check: written out to Project Human X


Incentives for Donating to Project Human X:

$500 - Private Paint Party (up to 10 guests)

$1,000 - Free art classes for kids every weekend for 1 month

$2,500 - Free art classes for kids every weekend for 3 months

$5,000 - Private Art Party Experience up to 50 guests


How we will dedicate the funds:

  • Pay rent for our 2 art spaces
  • Pay light bills
  • Pay other essential bills (Wi-Fi, website, etc).
  • Compensate Art Instructors
  • Art Supplies
  • Renovating our pottery art space so we can operate our kiln. This will in turn  allow us to diversify art workshops

We have met so many people with unique stories at PHX; some who've said our services have helped them with emotional health, overcoming addiction, relationship building, mental health and more.

When you support our community art center you make it possible for others to come connect and create with us a place for communities of people to gather & make art in the name of healing.

What does Project Human X provide & offer?


We co-founded the Project Human X Art Center with the goal of using art to bring human beings of all kinds together!

Project Human X, also known as PHX has served around 10,000 Humans with art experiences & workshops since it opened in 2019!

Project Human X provides an art gallery space for local artists to showcase & sell their art work. We also provide art studio spaces where we host a diverse variety of art workshops for adults & kids every week. We also provide spaces for private art parties, paint & sip parties at local vineyards and restaurants, commissioned art pieces, murals and more!



PHX Mission:

Mission: To nurture the creative development of human beings! — by providing recreational art spaces and experiences for humans to:

  • learn about art
  • create art
  • collaborate on art projects
  • be a part of a creative community
  • and celebrate the diverse cultures and creativity of humanity

What Has PHX Accomplished:

  • We opened a second art space in 2021
  • We’ve collaborated with over 20 local artists to host Art Workshops & experiences for the southern Illinois community
  • We expanded our art workshops from just acrylic painting classes to watercolor, resin, pottery, jewelry making & more
  • We partnered with a gift of love charity to facilitate a documentary about overcoming and healing from racism
  • We received a grant to host PHX Art Fest
  • We created 2 Community Murals in Carbondale & Marion
  • We won the Carbondale bright spot award for the mural we created on the island building where our art center is located
  • We partner with SIUC to Facilitate a Collaborative Canvas Painting with over 300 SIU Students
  • We’ve hosted 13 Art Shows for local artists
  • We’ve hosted Art shows in several local restaurants
  • We’ve hosted an art show in Chicago
  • We’ve been on the TV news & in the newspaper several times showcasing the community art projects we provide
  • We’ve hosted 2 Summer art camps for kids
  • We received a grant to do free art workshops with kids during the 2023 summer
  • We’ve made art with close to 10,000 Humans since we opened in 2019

A Few of our Future Goals:

  • To renovate a space for our pottery kiln to operate so we can offer more ceramic & glass workshops
  • Assist more local artists in showcasing and selling their art work
  • Provide workshops in new art forms such as sculpting, pottery wheel throwing, glass fusing, graphic design, fiber arts, photography, drawing, and more
  • Hosting the 2nd PHX art festival to celebrate & support local artists
  • Host free art classes for kids
  • Provide an after school art program for kids

Thank you


Thank you to everyone who has supported us these past years. Thank you to each of the PHX Team members & Artists for the beautiful work you all do. It fills our hearts with joy to have made it this long. We want to continue serving Southern Illinois. We have made a commitment to this special place filled with so many amazing people. One by one, we have made connections & beautiful memories through making art together.


We will continue to do everything in our power to keep Project Human X open, because we know the tremendous positive impact it has had on our community.



Cree & Marquez

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