School Field Trips

The Rundown

Looking for a great way to bring your students together, learn how to work cohesively and create strong bonds with one another? A field trip to our art gallery creates memories that last a lifetime.

Collaborative Art Team Building

Team building is an essential component of accepting personal responsibility & respecting others' individuality. A collaborative art experience is a fantastic method to ensure your students are learning team building skills.
Students creating collaborative art learn how to:
Work cohesively with their fellow classmates
Appreciate their own and others' ideas
Create a sense of accomplishment & boosts self esteem
Solve detailed problems together

    A Well-Planned Learning Experience

    We are flexible and can accommodate to any teachers' requests, creating a fulfilled learning experience. 

    Discounts for School Field Trips and Camp Groups

    • We believe art should be affordable and accessible to all. We make our prices convenient by offering discounts for group field trips so that no child misses out on exploring their creativity.